K & J Letter Shortcuts

Abbreveation description
JAM - Just A Minute
JC - Just checking
JW - Just wondering (Wondered)
JAFO - Just another fucking onlooker
JAS - Just a second
JIC - Just in case
JK - Just kidding
JOOTT - Just one of those things
JPYL - Just pulling your leg
JYYC - Just yanking your chain
JAD -Just Another day
JM2C - Just My 2 Cents
JT - Just Teasing
JOO - You


Abbreveation description
KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid
K - okay
KOTL - Kiss on the lips
KHUF - Know How You Feel
KFY - Kiss for you
KIT - Keep in touch
KMA - Kiss my ass
KMRIA - Kiss my royal Irish arse
KOTC - Kiss on the cheek
KWIM - Know what i mean
KYPO - Keep your pants on
KBD - Keyboard
KEWL - Cool
KIR - Keep It Real
KOK - Knock