A Letter Shortcuts

Abbreveation description
AML - All My Love
A3 - Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace
AFAIK - As Far As I Know
ASAP - As Soon As Possible
ATK - At The Keyboard
ATM - At The Moment
AFK - Away From Keyboard
NE - any
NETHNG - anything
NE1 - anyone
R - are
RU -are you
RUOK - are you okay
AMF - Adios, motherfucker!
AOB -Abuse Of Bandwidth
AYSOS -Are You Stupid Or Something?
AYTMTB - And you're telling me this because?
AAMOF - As a matter of fact
ADN - Any day now
AFAIC - As far as I'm concerned
AFAICT -- As far as I can tell
AFU - All fucked up
AIAMU- And I'm a monkey's uncle
AISI - As I see it
AKA - Also Known As
AMBW - All my best wishes
ANFAWFOW - And now for a word from our web sponsor
AOAS - All of a sudden
AOL - Army of lamers
AP - Apple pie
ASL - Age, Sex, Location?
ATST - At the same time
AWGTHTGT- Are we going to have to go through this again?
OZ -Australia
@TEOTD At The End Of The Day
A41A14A -- All For One And One For All
AAAAA -American Association Against Acronym Abuse
AAF -As A Friend
AAK -Asleep At Keyboard
AAMOI - As A Matter Of Interest
AAR - At Any Rate
AAR8 - At Any Rate
AAS - Alive And Smiling
AATK - Always At The Keyboard
AAYF - As Always, Your Friend
AB - Ass Backwards
ABITHIWT - A bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush
ABT2 - About To
ACD - Alt Control Delete
ACE - Access Control Entry
ACK - Acknowledgement
ADAD - Another Day Another Dollar
ADBB - All Done Bye Bye
ADIH - Another Day In Hell
ADIP - Another Day In Paradise
ADR -Address
AEAP -As Early As Possible
AFAGAY - A Friend As Good As You
AFAHMASP - A Fool And His Money Are Soon Parted
AFAICS - As Far As I Can See
AFAIU - As Far As I Understand
AFAIUI - As Far As I Understand It
AFAP - As Far As Possible
AFC - Away From Computer
AFDN - Any Fucking Day Now
AFIAA - As Far As I Am Aware
AFINIAFI - A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed
AFZ - Acronym free zone
AGKWE - And God Knows What Else
AIH - As It Happens
AIMB - As I Mentioned Before
AIMP - Always In My Prayers
AISE - As I Said Earlier
ALAP - As Late As Possible
ALOL - Actually Laughing Out Loud
ALTG - Act Locally, Think Globally
AMAP - As Many As Possible
ADN - Any day now
ANFSCD - And Now For Something Completely Different
ASAFP - As Soon As "Friggin" Possible
ASLMH - Age/Sex/Location/Music/Hobbies?
ATW - All the Web or Around the Web
AWOL - Absent Without Leave
AYK - As You Know
NE1 - Anyone
NE1 ER - Anyone Here?
OK -All Correct
RUMORF - Are You Male Or Female
RUUP4IT - Are You Up For It
ABRS - Abbreviations