O Letter Shortcuts

Abbreveation description
OIC - Oh I See
OMG - Oh My God
OTT - Over The Top
K -okay
1CE -once
OTOH - On the other hand
OBTW - Oh, by the way
OAUS - On an unrelated subject
OEM - Original equipment manufacturer
OLL - Online love
OMDB - Over My Dead Body
OMFG - Oh my fucking God
OMIK - Open mouth, insert keyboard
ONNA - Oh no, not again!
OOC - Out of character
OOO - Out of office
OOTB - Out of the box or Out of the blue
OOTC - Obligatory on topic comment
OS -Operating system
OT -Off topic
OWTTE - Or words to that effect
OZ - Australia
MOMPL - One Moment Please
OK - All Correct
ONNTA - Oh No, Not This Again
OOF - Out Of Facility
OOI - Out Of Interest
OTP - On the Phone
OTTOMH - Off the Top of my Head
OUSU - Oh, You Shut Up
1 - One
pwned - Owned - Much better; "He got pwned by the better player")
pwnage - Ownage - The act of pwning
ZOMG - Oh My God (Sarcastic variant)