N Letter Shorcuts

Abbreveation description
NM -NeverMind
NRN - No Reply Necessary
NE - any
NETHNG - anything
NE1 - anyone
NO1 - no one
NP -no problem
NIFOC - Nude in front of the computer
NA - Not applicable or Not affiliated
NT - No text
NAK - Nursing at keyboard
NAP - Not a problem
NAZ - Name, Address, Zip (also means NASDAQ)
NBD - No big deal
NBIF - No basis in fact
NC - No comment
NCG - New college graduate
NFC - No fucking clue
NFI - No fucking idea
NFW - No fucking way
NG -New gme
NIM -- No internal message
NIMBY - Not in my back yard
NIMQ - Not in my queue
NMP - Not my problem
NOYB - None of your business
NQOCD - Not quite our class, dear
NRG - Energy
NYCFS - New York City finger salute
BEOS - Nudge
N1 - Nice One
N2M - Not To Mention
NALOPKT - Not A Lot of People Know That
NE1 - Anyone
NE1 ER - Anyone Here?
NTK - Nice To Know
NTYMI - Now That You Mention It
NUFF - Enough Said
NW - No Way!
9 - Nine
NSFW - Not Safe For Work
NOOB - New Person - Noobie (often derogatory; "Your such a noob!")
N00B - Noobie (New Person)
NF - Nucking Futs (Fucking Nuts)
NVM - Nevermind
NH - Nice Hand (Used in Poker)
NINJA - No Income, No Job, or Assets