W Letter Shortcuts

Abbreveation description
W8 -Wait...
WTG -Way To Go!
WB -Welcome Back
WT -What?
WTF -What The Fuck
WTH -What The Hell
WUF -Where Are You From?
WAN2 - want to
W -with
WO -without
WE -whatever
WKND - weekend
WUD -what you doing
WYGOWM - will you go out with me
Y -why
YR -Why Are
WUWH -Wish you were here
WLUMRyMe - Will you marry Me?
wrk -Work
WAG -Wild Ass Guess
WAI -What an idiot
WAMBAM -Web application meets brick and mortar
WCA -Who cares anyway
WDYS -What did you say?
WDYT - What do you think?
WEG -Wicked evil grin
WFM - Works for me
WG -Wicked grin
WGAFF - Who gives a flying fuck
WIIFM - What's in it for me?
WIIWD -What it is we do
WIT -Wordsmith in training
WITFITS - What in the fuck is this shit
WOG -Wise old guy
WOMBAT -Waste of money, brains and time
WRT -With regard to
WTB -Want to buy
WTFRU -Who the fuck are you?
WTFWT -What the fuck was that?
WTGP -Want to go private?
WTMI - Way too much information
WWDWIIWD - When we do what it is we do
WYP -What's your problem?
WYRN - What's your real name?
WYS -Whatever you say
WYSITWIR - What you see is totally worthless in real life
WYSIWYG - What you see is what you get
WYSLPG - What you see looks pretty good
WYT - Whatever you think
WAD - Without A Doubt
WBS - Write Back Soon
WC -Who Cares?
WF -Way Fun
WISP - Winning Is So Pleasureable
WNOHGB - Were No One Has Gone Before
WT - Without Thinking
WTTM - Without Thinking To Much
WU -What is Up
WWY - Where Were You?
WYCM - Will You Call Me?
WYWH -Wish You Were Here
we -Weekend